Gotrays: Knowing about India with Financial Prosperity from Different Perspectives

India is one of countries with the maximum rate of adoption in global financial science and technology, and one of financial technology markets with the fastest growth in the world. There are over 2,100 financial technology companies in India at present, in which over 67% of them have been established in the past 5 years. Financial technology market of India prices USD 31 billion at present, and will increase to USD 84 billion in 2025 as expected, with the compound annual growth rate of 22%.

Rapid growth of financial technology investment

The financial technology transaction amount will increase to USD 138 billion in 2023 from USD 66 billion in 2019, with the compound annual growth rate of 20%. Indian financial technology ecosystem contains extensive segment markets, including the payment, loan, wealth technology (WealthTech), Personal Wealth Management, insurance technology (InsurTech), regulation technology (RegTech), etc.

Since 2016, the cumulative investment amount of domestic financial technology in the industry has exceeded USD 10 billion.

As of May 2021, 224 banks have participated in the Indian Unified Payment Interface (UPI). 2.6 billion transactions have been recorded and price about USD 68 billion, which has increased by 15 times than the corresponding period of 2018 (3 years ago).

COVID-19 deterioration and Indian financial market on the edge of danger

The latest data published by the emerging market fund research company EPFR Global show that, as of the current week of Apr. 21, the Indian equity funds have suffered from the largest capital outflow in the past one year.

Gotrays thinks that the Indian capital outflow tide has never ended.

In the Oct.-Dec. of the last year, driven by the ultra-loose monetary policy extended by Federal Reserve Board and Indian outbreak “improvement”, the foreign capital has accumulatively invested over USD 14 billion into the Indian stock market. In the Dec. of the last year, the USD 6.5 billion overseas capital flowed into the Indian stock market, which became the second highest monthly capital inflow data in the history of India.

It is very difficult to popularize top finance in the unprivileged population

On Indian financial market, it is urgent that the common people can obtain rich remuneration when participating in financial construction through financial investment, which is deemed as the market orientation with fierce struggle and competition. Hence, Gotrays occurs at the right moment.

Gotrays, as a financial management platform, is located in Indian market and pays attention to the strategic investment services. In the face of the changeable international financial changes, Gotrays devotes to the development of global enterprises and the combination and integration with the local economy. It looks forward to becoming the leader of Indian domestic economy and mobilizing the Indian domestic economy to achieve the prosperity of every Indian person, wealth and value of life.

Sponsored by LLOYDS GLOBAL, Gotrays Group contains many international subordinate subsidiaries, such as Gotrays Electrons, Gotrays Property, Gotrays Insurance, Gotrays Pharmaceutical, Gotrays Agriculture, Gotrays Mining Industry, Gotrays Film and Television, etc.

With the advanced technology development team, the group links to the international high-quality finance sources; From the perspective of the cross-industry multi-dimensional financial operation, the whole-industry brands are allied to realize the layer empowerment in the field of financial investment. Group concepts: sharing, win, wealth, freedom, value. In other words, we provide people with a platform for learning and sharing, win-win cooperation, common prosperity and realization of their own value and freedom.