The Secret of CP Center to Attract Tycoons Including IBM and Roche

No winter is missed, no spring is forgotten. The establishment of a new development pattern, featuring domestic and international circulations, welcomes a boost in Chinas domestic consumption and enables commercial real estate companies to swiftly move from the haze of the pandemic. Internal calculation entails new business demand, as market confidence continues to recover and improve.

After more than two decades of rapid development, China’s real estate market has entered the era of “Increment to Stock”. Commercial real estate faces “structural surplus” with intensified regional and sector differentiation. Advantages and resources are accelerating their convergence to more competitive cities.

In 2020, the commercial real estate transaction volume in Beijing reached 63.8 billion Yuan, this achievement is the second-best in history. To this day, Beijing maintains its status as the national leader for commercial real estate investment. In such an aggressive environment, the survival of the fittest in commercial complex operators is inevitable. In the face of fierce competition in Beijing’s lucrative CBD, CP Center has developed a business pattern with characteristics of its own.

CP Center continues to assert its position as a great enterprise in China, by establishing partnerships with recognized global corporations. Like IBM, Roche another Fortune 500 company, will become CP Center’s newest tenant in 2021. The key concept of “Great Health + Great Future” within the industrial ecological circle of CP Center, will provide a foundation to support these outstanding enterprises.

CP Center is the headquarter for CP Group in China, a century-old overseas Chinese business enterprise. Founded in 1921, CP Group has experienced almost a hundred years of vigorous development, starting as a single business Chia Tai seed store, growing exponentially into a diversified transnational conglomerate consisting of three core businesses: agro-industry & food, wholesale & retail and telecommunications. In addition, CP has a foothold in other industries such as finance, real estate and life sciences across 100 countries and territories

CP Group was one of the first business enterprises to be established after the reform, and the company continues to honour its core values of benefiting the country, the people and the company, or simply know “Three Benefit Principle”. Embodying these values, CP Center is positioned as the home of the global businesses in China. Long before the construction of CP Center, The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Mr. Dhanin Chearavanont, Senior Chairman of CP Group, shared a common wish, of inaugurating a building for overseas Chinese businessmen’s to call their own in Beijing. The building will serve as a communication platform for Chinese businessmen, as well as a link between the global Chinese business community and the government.

Keeping in mind the idea of “Eternal Gratitude ”, the Three Benefit Principle has been integrated into the operational philosophy of CP Center. It welcomes international leading enterprises, as well as assists Chinese outstanding enterprises with their global aspirations.

The CP’s industrial chain serves as the cornerstone for its development. At its core is CP Center’s – forward facing “Great Health + Great Future” industrial ecological circle, which adheres to project development and innovation. It has become one of the new landmark buildings for Beijing.

This distinctive business model was cultivated through CP’s century-old DNA, with an emphasis on innovation and sustainable development on a human level.  Life Sciences and technology industries are of great importance to the organization, and was the genesis inspiration for the industrial layout of “Great Health + Great Future.”

From the perspective of the macroeconomics and policy, this is a proactive response to the Healthy China Strategy and new national infrastructure policies, very much reflected in the concept of the “Great Health + Great Future” industrial ecological circle.

The newly developed CP Center, CP Group’s headquarters, is located at the core of the “Golden Cross”. It is connected to Guanghua Road in the North and CITIC Tower in the West, overlooking the CCTV building and a stone’s throw away to CBD Central Park. Around the Center, there are urban trunk roads such as the East Third Ring Road, Chang’an Street, Guanghua Road. It boasts238-meter-high Twin Towers, one of which serves as the China Headquarters of CP Group, and the other is the World Chinese Merchant Center with the vision of “Based in Beijing for a-World Wide View”. It has a total land area of 1.64 hectares, with a total construction area of 316,000 square meters, including an office area of approximately 180,000 square meters and a commercial area close to 40,000 square meters.

According to the latest data, Beijing CBD ranks 7th as a global business district and is the No.1 preferred city in China in terms of attractiveness for business users. In the CBD area, an inch of land in the busy section is worth an inch of gold. This functional area has a strong industrial influence and appeal even though it only accounts for 0.04% of the urban area.

In the future, Beijing CBD will become the distribution base of global economic resources and various production factors, as well as the centralized development base for the modern service industry and international exchange base of economy and culture. The newly developed CP Center, CP Group’s headquarters, located at the heart of the “Golden Cross”, will greatly benefit from this future.

CP Group is cautious in building its new business ventures, as a member in the CBD core area of Beijing, and particularly careful about operations. Mr. Michael Ross, the Vice-Chairman of CP Group and Chairman of CP Commercial Real Estate Group, emphasizes that CP Group always remains aware of “Three Benefits Principle” when it operates commercial real estate business, “for each city, we hope to bring industries, create more jobs and increase government tax revenue. ”

As a super class-A intelligent commercial entity, CP Center has attracted wide attention since its first appearance through its bold innovation.

Enhanced technological elements are key upgrades that have been integrated into the building. Air cleaning system with UV sterilization and AI access create an intelligent commercial entity. The building is comprised of 45 floors above ground and 6 floors underground. The Underground treasury is specifically designed to establish CP Center as a real estate leader over other commercial buildings, positioned as the ideal location for private collections, important facilities or documents of the institutions. In addition to warehousing function, The Underground offers vast open space that occupies floors four, five and six which is available to utilize for other services such as exhibitions, auctions, private transactions. CP Center is determined to provide diversified services for businessmen, and therefore builds a wide variety of management platform for collections in the CBD core area of Beijing.

CP Banquet Hall, is the first panoramic immersive banquet hall in Beijing. Located on the fourth floor of the building, it has become a new must-visit treasure in the city. CP Banquet Hall, almost 1,400 square meters, is designed as an unobstructed open space making it perfect for hosting dinners for 500 guests, or a large conference with more than 900 attendees. The Banquet Hall boast state of the art technology including 48-channel Dolby sound system which is comparable to the cinematic standard, and the naked eye 3D diamond screen diamond clear picture quality. The space truly exceeds the limitations of traditional banquets and venues, and widens the imaginary boundary of high-end banquets.

In terms of operation and services, CP Center has a very clear goal:  “Inventing a new way of one’s own.”

In 2020, CP Center extended invitations to high-quality enterprises. Thanks to its unique operational philosophy and services, it was approved as the first Omni media Group in China by the central government and won the “Best Business Model Innovation Award of China 2020” granted by Southern Finance and Economic Omni media Group, a very prestigious and highly recognized achievement. In addition to the consistent and wide domestic attention, CP Center reached more than 300 million people worldwide.

In order to apply to the “Great Health + Great Future” concept, the existing tenants are predominately organization from the above industries, as well as professional services. For instance, CP Pharmaceuticals Group,  Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bionorica SE, IBM, and GfK to name a few.

CP Center has unique business space in the CBD core area of Beijing. The diversified business patterns play a nurturing role in the development of office space. Commercial leasing has been focused on food & beverage industry, services and retail. The existing tenants cover theme restaurants, Michelin Star and Black Pearl Restaurants, such as Poetry and Wine Beijing, Zhima Health, casacasa, DA VITTORIO, SUPANNIGA, GALANAN, Yijin and other famous brands.

The long-term plan of CP Center is to realize the extension from the business office to the business ecology.

CP Group, as a platform and service provider, deeply participates and accompanies the service system for a whole life cycle of enterprises from incubation, growth to sustainable profit. The overall innovation from concept, positioning to implementation brings new opportunities for businesses.

As the benchmark buildings in the prime location, Super Brand Mall, Touch Malls and CP Center, reflect the core attitude of CP Group in real estate business. It’s the sustainable development, the synergy of resources and requiting the city. CP Group is empowered to become a bigger and stronger business entity, adhering to the core values of benefiting the country, the people and the company.

CP Center is accelerating the formation of a convergence effect with outstanding enterprise tenants and talents. In the future competition, CP Center, as an industry leader, more success stories to be revealed.

Source: ChiaTai Overseas Enterprise Realty Development Co., Ltd