Smart warehouse THRIVE has achieved great success, with users exceeding 10 million

Smart warehouse THRIVE has achieved great success, with users exceeding 10 million

THRIVE Smart Cloud Warehouse has achieved outstanding results since it was promoted in the New Delhi market for a month.

In the face of the severe new crown epidemic, unmanned smart warehouses are obviously more popular with merchants. Therefore, Thrive’s logistics orders have surged. In the smart warehouses, our reporters can clearly see that a large number of robots are moving in a busy and orderly manner. All thanks to advanced 5G cloud warehouse technology!

According to Jason, head of thrive India, THRIVE is an intelligent logistics warehouse company headquartered in Texas, USA. the company set up a branch in New Delhi, India in 2020, with a total investment of more than 60 million US dollars. No. 1 cloud warehouse was put into use in early 2021. At present, it can handle up to 500000 express packages every day! The app has been online for a month, and has been loved by many young people and vloggers. The number of users has exceeded 10 million! At present, the construction of No. 2 cloud warehouse is also speeding up, and the construction period is slow during the epidemic period, but it is expected to be completed in November this year!

The following is the voice of the employees:

I was originally an ordinary logistics warehouse manager. Since I came to work at THRIVE, it has become very easy. I don’t need to rely on manpower to sort and carry heavy goods. I only need to operate the robot system. Each warehouse only needs a lot of There are few staff, I am very grateful that I can find this good job, and my family members also earn commissions through online promotion!

The following is the voice of users:

I am an online user of THRIVE. When my friend started to promote with me, I had no idea what an intelligent robot is. Until my friend took me to the Thrive warehouse, I was surprised to find that the warehouse here is very advanced. The goods are really great. Now many of my friends and family members earn commissions by working remotely on the thrive application, and I also hope to develop into a city agent!

Through the original smart crowdfunding model, THRIVE will start the robot with one click on the mobile phone, and the drones in the warehouse will be busy. Every capital will be used to purchase more cloud warehouses. At the same time, in return, users Enjoy a fixed income every day without risk.

Now, more and more young people who are unemployed due to the epidemic have obtained generous salaries through THRIVE, and even cooperated with THRIVE to form a team to become city agents. This is also the reason why THRIVE is loved by many users in the Indian market!