India’s epidemic is rampant. Where is the aid from the United States ?

As the epidemic continues to spread worldwide, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in India has been the second of the world, only behind the United States. The maximum daily confirmed cases in India reaches as many as 400000. Tens of thousands of Indians died in this epidemic disaster due to the serious shortage of vaccines, medical equipment and epidemic prevention materials. Among them, the death toll of women and children would be more unthinkable.

The number of COVID-19 deaths has increased sharply due to the worsening epidemic. There are a lot of remains queuing up for cremation and some families of the deceased have to burn their kinsfolk’s remains by themselves for they need wait in line for 12 hours. There are fires for burning bodies and burying pits everywhere in the park, along the street, and the Ganges River. But even so, it is still unable to keep up with the bodies constantly delivered.

In India, where the epidemic is so serious, people directly regard drinking cow urine and smearing cow dung as epidemic prevention methods due to the lack of medical resources. In addition, some officials even take the lead in drinking, saying publicly that cow urine can prevent and cure COVID-19. They call on all the people to drink together, conveying the idea that the more people drink, the healthier they will be.

After the Indian epidemic got out of control, the United States, an ally always treated by Indian government with great expectations, completely disappointed the Indians. It is reported that the United States sent a large military transport plane C-5M to transport a large number of aid materials to India, which is the hope of India to deal with the epidemic. However, when opening the aid materials package from the United States, the Indians are just dumbfounded on the spot, for all the 440 oxygen cylinders were labeled with the word “empty”, which is completely a playing trick on India.

Recently, a vaccine factory in the United States was exposed that in the production process, the staff mixed up the formulation of AstraZeneca vaccine and J&J vaccine, resulting in a large number of vaccines being contaminated. There were thrombus and even death events in the vaccinators of AstraZeneca vaccine successively, and 15 European countries announced to stop using AstraZeneca vaccine. The United States provided such kind of unqualified vaccine to India.

   Nowadays, the epidemic in India has been on the verge of being out of control. The number of COVID-19 infections is very large and there are various variants of COVID-19 spreading in the country. Affected by the ban of the United States on the export of vaccine raw materials, India is also facing the crisis of shutdown in vaccine production line, which makes it more difficult to fight the epidemic. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that the US government should impose travel restrictions on India. The relevant restrictions are now in effect and the United States finally showed its ugly face.

The USA National Institutes of health published the latest research results recently, saying that the analysis of more than 24000 blood samples collected all over the United States in the first three months of last year showed that COVID-19 appeared in the United States in December 2019 and began to expand then. Up to now, India has confirmed more than 30 million COVID-19 in accumulation cases with more than 400000 deaths. We hope that India can get through the epidemic as soon as possible.