Gmail for Android is finally getting this ‘much-awaited’ feature

All these years of Gmail existence, if there’s one thing that Google should have implemented long ago was the ability to select all the emails in one go — easily — on mobile devices. 9to5Google has reported that Google is finally adding a new ‘Select All’ button in Gmail’s Android app.
Gmail Select All button is now rolling out
9to5Google has reported that Google has started rolling out the Select All button in the Android version of the Gmail app.
The feature, as per the report, is available in Gmail for Android version 2023.08.20.561750975 of the app on Pixel smartphones and Galaxy devices running both Android 13 and Android 14 operating systems. This means, that the feature is not Android version dependent and may become available even in older versions in future or upon full rollout.
However, the feature is a server-side change which means it may and may not appear to all users at once.
The report mentions that users will start seeing the new Select All button when selecting multiple emails from the Inbox. Now, this isn’t a new feature after all. The web version of Gmail has had this feature for a while now.
The good thing is that Google is finally making it available on the mobile app as well. This will make things easier for users to manage their Inboxes on their phones and quickly clean their inboxes when it’s needed.
However, there’s a limit in terms of number of emails you can select at a time. The report mentions that users can only select a maximum of 50 emails at a time using the Select All feature. This isn’t something to be worried about as the web version also lets users select up to 50 emails only.